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Gabriel Maestas, CNC, CPT

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Achieving fitness goals is easier and more effective when working with fitness professionals, however there are some challenges. Cost concerns, scheduling conflicts and practical application can become substantial hurdles. Not to mention all the TERRIBLE misinformation out there! Neo-science pros on social media, for profit 'fitness' companies sacrificing YOUR interests for their bottom line, 'experts' around every corner. Well in my estimation this has HURT the fitness industry BIG TIME and the websiteeffthatdiet.com was created to combat all the B.S. There is NO COST to any of the information there and it has been making a big difference! (Just check out some of the results on our Wall of Achievement)   Support effthatdiet.com

Getting F.I.T. Pro

Not all programs are created equal and Getting Fit Pro takes things to the next level. These programs are mostly referral based and provides incredible content to take YOUR health, nutrition, fitness and physique to the pinnacle of transformation. Check out Getting F.I.T. Pro Options

Getting informed andGetting F.I.T! 

Before I began my fitness journey I was overweight and hated life. I felt like a prisoner caught inside a battle with myself, my dreams and what often seemed like overwhelming limitations. I committed to transform my life and began developing tools to achieve fitness goals. I lost 100 pounds, committed myself to future fitness goals and decided to help others. I'm not someone promoting the latest 'diet' trend or gimmick. I'm the guy who knows YOU CAN achieve your goals...and has a few tools that can help.

                             Gabriel Maestas