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Achieving fitness goals is easier and more effective when working with fitness professionals, however there are some challenges. Cost concerns, scheduling conflicts and practical application can become substantial hurdles. Digital and social media has provided a platform for the delivery of effective and reliable fitness tools from reputable sources and getfitwithgabriel.com takes this experience to the next level for about $0.16 a day! (Just check out some of the results on our Wall of Achievement) Click HERE to enter the Fit U

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Before I began my fitness journey I was overweight and hated life. I felt like a prisoner caught inside a battle with myself, my dreams and what often seemed like overwhelming limitations. After reaching my own precipice I decided it was time transform my life and began developing tools necessary to help me achieve my goals. I lost 100 pounds and decided it was time to help others. 

I'm not some one promoting the latest 'diet' craze or fancy gimmick. I'm the guy who knows you can achieve your goals...and has a few tools that can help.

                             Gabriel Maestas