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12 Months of Fitness Immersion

Fitness Immersion Virtual Gym hosted by Getting Fit!

 “I’d managed to help myself by using some of the tools I already possessed…I’d taken ownership of my goal.”

-          Gabriel Maestas from the book ‘One Eight Zero – One Fitness Goal, Eight Rules, No Turning Back.’


Fitness Immersion combines the use of top rated, highly effective fitness tools and nutrition programs to make the best information available in conjunction with a digital based adherence program supporting a system of incentives that helps YOU stick with the plan. How does it work? Three steps: sign up for Fitness Immersion, enroll in the fitness cash pool contest, follow the guidelines of the program delivered via email.


Tools included in Fitness Immersion:

Multi Stage - High Volume BEAST Workouts delivered directly to your email. These workout programs are downloadable to your mobile device and or PC and can be saved to your device to be accessed at your discretion. Thermodynamic nutrition profile and weekly nutrition program updates complete with problem solving support and informative links to make sure the nutrition choices YOU make are supporting one of the following goals:


Fat Loss

Reducing percent body fat safely, effectively and without a

weight rebound is no easy task.

This fitness bracket helps ensure an awesome success rate!


Muscle Gain

Adding fat free mass to the physique is a challenge.

This fitness bracket helps ensure you will be able to

achieve amazing muscle gains safely and substantially.


Physique Optimization and or Physique Competition

Getting a fit body to ‘peak’ or achieve the absolute

best shape for a specific date is NOT easy.

This fitness bracket will help ensure the final leg of the

fitness periodization model is Optimized.


Fat Loss and Nutrition Optimization*

Getting Fit! Has a premiere monthly fitness program and THIS is it!

Fat Loss and Nutrition Optimization* Incentives:

The Cash Pool contest has been helping people get fit and win big! And when you’re enrolled in the Fitness Immersion Nutrition Optimization* program it will only lead to a greater reward. Here’s how we make it fun: after the cash pool has been tallied (usually $1000 or more) active participants in this program will be members of a SEPERATE money pool that will increase based on how well participants are, or are not sticking to the plan. Daily Fitness Reports! collects data from participants on several key areas:


Adherence to exercise.

Adherence to nutrition reporting.

Adherence to the problem solving model.


If YOU outperform other members of the program you are eligible to win a rebate minimum of $40 a month! In addition to the prize minimum, members of the program who’ve NOT completed at least 90% of the daily check ins will receive an invoice for $5.00 for the month. Once invoices are paid additional cash prizes are received by the top performer for the month! **


** A top performer must: complete workouts daily as well as check in every day (even if workouts are not performed for reasons unforeseen by participants), must submit progress pics when assigned by Featured Achievers and the program sponsored (members notified via social media and email), must interact on social media including VLOG assignments, weekly posts with fitness specific tags and other motivational and encouraging habits.


Do you have to be enrolled in the Cash Pool Contest to be enrolled in Fitness Immersion?

No. The immersion program stands alone and operates congruent to the Cash Pool Contest.


When does the Fitness Immersion Fat Loss and Nutrition Optimization program present awards?

Once a month. Unlike the Cash Pool Contest the Fitness Immersion Fat Loss and Nutrition Optimization program pays with more frequency!


How effective is this program?

Very. What’s the best way to accomplish anything?? Own it. Put your money where your ambitions are and see how far YOU will push yourself to make this fitness journey a success. Be sure to check out the stunning transformations on the Wall of Achievement page at Getting Fit! With Gabriel.


How much does it cost?

The Trail Period has an initial investments of 49.95 and each following month is 29.95 The monthly fitness rebate (awarded to the month’s top performer) is $40.00...awarded at the end of every 30 day cycle!




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