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What do these programs have in common? Besides AMAZING results, these programs all feature a Thermodynamic Profile™ and full digital media support to help you accomplish your fitness goals! This important information helps you understand the relationship between exercise, food, caloric energy, the law of thermodynamics and physique transformation.

These are NOT diets or cookie cutter programs and are not intended to diagnose and or treat any medical condition.

These are POWERFUL and comprehensive tools that will make an incredible difference during any fitness journey. There are three phases of the Physique Transformation and Getting Fit! experience:


Phase One: The Baseline – This introduction to the fitness concept includes program planning and helps someone begin mastering the tools essential to achieving their fitness goals. 


Phase Two: Maximizing Muscle Density – Dense muscles (not necessarily larger muscles) burn more calories. This phase helps maximize the muscles anabolic properties while improving fat catabolism (burning mode) during cardiovascular exercise, resistance training and even at rest.


Phase Three: After a period of at least 60 to 90 days maximizing the physiques visual effect becomes the objective of the Physique Optimization phase. The final leg of the program completes and amazing transformation. Don’t spend another moment waiting. Get started today!

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​*Nutrition Program and Thermodynamic Profile Included

90 Day Custom Fitness Program

Program includes individualized thermodynamic profile, sample meal plans with food exchange list that helps you achieve your goals in three stages based on YOUR body type and YOUR goal: 

Fat Loss 

Muscle Gain

Physique Transformation

​Sport Specific 

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