One goal.

A few rules.

No turning back.


            Before I began work as a personal trainer and life coach I was overweight and hated life.  I felt like a prisoner, caught up in battles I could no longer stand. The time to change my life was upon me and I made a choice to OWN it. One Eight Zero is the story of every step I took, why I took it, and the difference each step made, not just in my life, but the lives of my fitness clients as well. If you’re reading this, and this sounds like a familiar feeling, I know this book can help   

            I’m not the fitness professional who will tell you this goal can be yours in just a matter of weeks, or the trainer who will tell you it’s not that hard. I won’t be the guy holding up a new diet plan, or some kind of gimmick. I’m not that guy. My goal, my hope, and my wish is that you read some of my stories and believe me when I say, “I hear YOU. I KNOW you’re hurting. I BELIEVE you can turn it all around. I KNOW you can change your life.”


One Eight Zero includes web links to some awesome fitness tools you can use with YOUR fitness journey.


Gabriel Maestas


Spotlight Productions and Getting Fit! with Gabriel, present…

One Eight Zero, a fitness film about adversity, heart ache, achievement and transformation. Follow Ray as he prepares for an upcoming body building competition, Stephany as she works towards her goal of becoming a published model, Vanessa as she strives to get six pack abs in spite of having four children, Jackie as completes a weight loss journey of nearly one hundred pounds…and many more. Watch as they work past the popular trappings of the diet industry and find their personal future in fitness. Its real fitness and real results. One eight zero.


A film by Gabriel Maestas

A 180 Media Production



Ray St. John

Vanessa Koller

Priscilla Tavernier

Stephanie Chacon

Daisy Yadon

Priscilla Lara

Special Appearance by Chris Poole and Gabriel Maestas



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