Terms, Conditions and FAQ’s


** Fitness Information Based Content ** All content and products provided by Getting Fit! With Gabriel, including sponsored content as well as sharable information hosted by Getting Fit! With Gabriel and its associated affiliates, is done so with the intent to help people obtain a better understanding of health, wellness, fitness, and the achievement of goals associated to these related fields. Getting Fit! With Gabriel is not promoting programs that may be considered a diet or therapy in any way and is not presenting or advocating any product that may diagnose and or treat any medical condition of any kind for any reason.


* Nutrition Program and Thermodynamic Profile

The nutrition program and thermodynamic profile is designed to educate participants on the dynamics of nutrition and fitness performance. It is NOT a specific diet and is not intended to diagnose and or treat medical conditions, deficits, or illness. The participant assumes liability and responsibility for their own nutritional choices and understands the nature of information based programs as well as the need to obtain doctor approval before beginning any fitness related program for any reason. 


* 90 Day Fitness Program

Always consult a doctor before beginning any exercise program. The fitness programs are designed based on goals, participant exercise limitations and or known contraindications to exercise. These programs are not intended to diagnose or treat injury (known or unknown) and participants assume all liability and risk involved in physical activity. Program performance is based on reasonable, safe, and timely adherence to program guidelines which serve as an informative fitness and exercise baseline. 


* Fitness Challenge and Contest

Always consult a doctor before beginning any workout program for any reason. The fitness contest is designed as an incentive to achieve fitness and health related goals and is not intended to diagnose and or treat medical conditions. Workouts and nutrition materials are provided as informative tools for participants to better understand the dynamics of fitness goal achievement and healthy lifestyle norms. Participants assume responsibility for the exercise choices they make. Materials will be delivered via (and not limited to) email, short message text systems, social media and any other applicable mediums. The participant acknowledges the right for submitted materials to be used by Getting Fit! With Gabriel for comparative purposes to declare contest winner and announce said winner or winners. Winners are selected based on the achievements in time allotted for contest and achievements are determined based on a points system calibrated via improvements visually, body circumference measurements, body weight. Prizes are based on participation.


*Fitness Immersion Program

Always consult a doctor before beginning any workout program. The Fitness Immersion Program is designed to provide health, wellness and fitness related information in a timely, weekly fashion and is not intended to diagnose and or treat any medical condition. Individual variations to exercise are the sole responsibility of the participant. Nutrition information provided is for information purposes only and the participant assumes sole responsibility for nutrition choices. At no point is the nutrition information provided a diet or intended to treat and or diagnose any medical condition. Any prizes and or rewards are based on participation and Getting Fit! With Gabriel and its affiliated resources, reserve the right to deny business to any one for any reason. Awards are presented with the understanding that all participants are not holding Getting Fit! With Gabriel accountable for any grievances or disagreements with the reward system adopted by Getting Fit! With Gabriel and its affiliates.  

** A top performer must: complete workouts daily as well as check in every day (even if workouts are not performed for reasons unforeseen by participants), must submit progress pics when assigned by Featured Achievers and the program sponsored (members notified via social media and email), must interact on social media including VLOG assignments, weekly posts with fitness specific tags and other motivational and encouraging habits.


* Social Media and Fitness Related Content

Getting Fit! With Gabriel and its affiliated web based tools including and not limited to web based mediums and media hosting sites, reserve the right to share fitness related content for the purposes of helping to motivate web based and traditional fitness clients in their journey to improve their health and wellness. All content such as pictures, video, program participation and fitness related articles, materials, tags, and involvement are considered sharable content and can be used to help improve the outcome of fitness related endeavors. The participants and clients will not hold Getting Fit! With Gabriel responsible for any feed-back derived from the sharing of fitness related content.





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